2008 Trans Rockies – Registration


The race is going to start out of a ski resort called Panorama Village, and it is a lovely panorama. Until your eyes light on the burnt out ruins of some condo where a party obviously got way out of control. Partying though, is the last thing on our mind as we eat our last evening meal before the race start. We’re eating at this last supper with friends, from Canmore and another family from the UK –they are alternating between providing moral support and just outright laughing at how hard the days ahead look.

The family at Registration

We are beginning to twig that we have actually bitten off something fairly sizeable here. Or more honestly put, I am realizing I have encouraged my wife to bite off something fairly sizeable which, probably, she would not otherwise have done. I am breaking out in a bit of a cold sweat.

We registered earlier in the day along with 400+ other riders and were fairly aware of the fact that we did not see any other tandems. And that people were giving us some fairly incredulous stares.

Even the check in folk seem to want to impress on us how hard it’s going to be. When asked why we need 4 bags instead of the standard 2 and I respond by saying that one is for my hair products the check in lady responds “That’s very good – you’re going to need that sense of humor over the next few days.” Perhaps also taking the piss by naming the team “We’re too sexy for this ride” has folks rightly labeling us in the clown’s category.

Anyway too late for backing out now. We’re in, we’re here and we’re going to complete it.

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