About All Pro Bicycles

All Pro Bicycles started in the San Fernando Valley almost 30 years ago. In 1998, the family-owned and operated business moved here to Simi Valley, where the air is just a little cleaner, the traffic a little less, and the roads more bike-friendly.




Adventure racer, endurance cyclist and all-around athlete, Gina has been in the cycling industry for more than 20 years. As co-owner of the store she ensures women are given the priority they deserve. (Go girls!!) Somehow, she manages to find time to train for ulta distance bicycle and adventure races, while still working at the store and being a mom and wife.




Dave has been the chief wrench at All Pro since its beginning. With over 35 years of bicycle mechanic experience, he’s seen the invention of the wheel and watched it progress beyond what anyone could have imagined 2500 years ago. Since he’s seen so much, he’s able to work on all types of bicycles; road, mountain, old and current. Dave is “The Man”.