BMX Bikes

BMX Bikes

Introducing The Next Generation. Every year that passes we turn a new page in the book of BMX and each year we endeavor to make fundamental enhancements to our collection of complete BMX bikes in the most astounding way. It’s no surprise that this year we have kept to our word and not only designed a collection that absolutely over shadows every single model before it, but also redefines an entire generation of complete BMX bikes. This is not just any generation of complete bikes; it’s the next generation, ridden by you. For the 20″ and 24″ BMX crowd, we stock Stolen, We The People, Trek, Redline, Free Agent and Diamondback BMX bikes.

Don’t see it, we can get it or custom order the bike of your dreams.

Stolen Brand BMX Bikes

Our top of the line complete that is even better. We've added Stolen “S-Bend" chainstays for better tire clearance, 5″ headtube and 9.5″ stand over. Still packed with after-market parts, you wont need to replace anything on this for a long time. If you ride a Sinner XLT you ride the VERY best!

We the People BMX Bikes

A finely tuned beast designed to kill it on any surface or environment, the Trust is laden with all of our finest WETHEPEOPLE parts including the fatter 2.35” version of the (Feelin) tires as well as our brand new 2018 (Remote) flangeless grips and the (Logic) rims. Rolling out of the door with a full assortment of Saltplus parts and two incredible colourways. This year the frame even boasts invest cast dropouts with integrated chain tensioners making the Trust one of a kind.

Redline BMX

Race, block and freestyle bikes from Redline - next level engineering and design makes the new frames the most technologically advanced on the market. Redline specific geometry work together to minimize energy deflection sending more power to the rear wheel.

Free Agent

Street, park, race, and bmx bikes from Free Agent. With the Street, Park, Trail and Youth series Free Agent has a bike for any rider– beginner to pro. On the race side, Free Agent offers a complete Team line from Micro to Limo, as well as a BMX-Race Series for riders of every level.


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