All Pro Bicycles is an authorized dealer for:

Road Bikes

We’re avid cyclists and we love the sport. After years in the industry, we know the equipment that’s out there and carry products we’re confident to stand behind. We have a range of Trek road bikes in stock and can order special builds or sizes that aren’t on the floor. These are the bikes we ride, we know, and are confident to see our customers riding as well.

Mountain Bikes

Simi Valley is known for its great riding, from beginner through to the advanced (i.e crazy) downhill rider. We stock Trek and Diamondback mountain bikes.

BMX Bikes

For the 20″ and 24″ BMX crowd, we stock Stolen, We The People, Trek, Redline, Free Agent and  Diamondback BMX bikes.

Kids Bikes

We keep our bike store fully stocked with kid’s bikes in wheel sizes from 12″ to 26″ starting from around $120.  There are many models to choose from. We can even accommodate those too young to ride on their own with kiddie carrier trailers, seats, and trail-a-bikes. Start your kid out in style with our full line of kids helmets and other gear just for the younger crowd.

Cruisers & Commuters

With gas prices rising, more and more people are seeing the benefits of riding a bike. You get to exercise, put less wear and tear on the car, and of course, burn less gas. Cruisers and commuter bikes are built for comfort and utility. Racks and baskets can easily be added to do the shopping or head to work. Check our line of cruiser and commuter bikes from Electra and Trek, and relive the joy of cycling!

Trailers, Trail-a-bikes

For intrepid parents who want to get their kids used to being outdoors and keep their own exercise regimen going, a trailer or trail-a-bike is the perfect option. We have carriers and trailers that are suitable for road, touring and even mountain biking.