Customer Reviews

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    Nicholas Z.

    "Great bike shop, great service, even better mechanics. I spend a lot of time on a bicycle so I require food, supplies, and equipment weelyI am always greeted with a smile and have great confidence that the mechanical requirements are done the proper way. I always leave feeling better than when I dropped my bike and am always surprised when the bill is a little less than expected.”
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    Marc F.

    "We have been buying bikes from them for years. They do take time to help you pick the right bike with cost, use and conditions in mind. Over they years they have fixed small and major items with no problem. I had a light issue with an expensive light that was addressed on the spot buy direct call to the manufacture who made it right buy giving me a new battery. Good products with good support from the shop and manufacturers."
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    Jay M.

    "Awesome bike shop with great staff members. The staff members are very knowledgeable in the industry and have strong technical background. They go above and beyond to please the customers needs and wants. I definitely recommend to this shop to any one who is looking for great customer service experience and quality work done."
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    Ryan S.

    "Was on my way to a job interview and got a flat tire. went to the nearest bike shop and the Owner was nice enough to help me out and fixed my tire knowing that i had no money on me. He said i can pay him back when I’m able to. It’s very rare for me to see good people these days. Dave the owner is truly a good person! Thanks to him i got the job! I’ll be there soon to pay him back! I highly recommend this bicycle shop to anybody hands-down! Huge selection of bikes and accessories also!"
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    Gowri V.

    "Gina was very helpful and courteous. Very impressed."
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    Ean K.

    "Simply great service!"
  • 07

    Freddi G.

    "Was looking far and wide for some odd size 18x1 tubes for my sons first bmx bike and noone had them; but AllPro did...surely made me and my sons day today!!!!"
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    Dennis B.

    "Best bike shop on the planet. Dave and Gina are sooo awesome. I bought a bike from them and the chainstay broke which was not their fault and was covered under warranty. They handled the claim and even rebuilt the bike NO CHARGE. Really, that is something to ponder. It was a manufacturer's defect and they only cover parts, not labor. Yet he re-built the bike for FREE. This is just one example of numerous occasions where All Pro has held true to their name: they are ALL PROFESSIONAL."
  • 09

    Brad B.

    "Gina and Dave are both great. They helped me to resolve a warranty issue I had with one of my bicycles and it was handled quickly and efficiently. The store has a nice selection of accessories at fair prices. I really like the socks and mountain bike shorts I got there. They are also a HUGE supporter of local cyclists and cycling events in Simi Valley. Thank you for bringing the Trek Demo Day to Simi, and your contributions to the two local charity road rides each year. The raffle items and goodie bags were great!"
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    Robert V.

    "Often they have looked and my bike, test drove it, and performed minor tunings for free. I doubt they remembered that I purchased from their store in the past but they helped me out anyway. They have always been willing to take the time to offer advice and their prices are fair."
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    Samy N.

    "I like the store and the way of servicing it is a good feeling to realize how much you are welcomed and every one there do his best to comply with your requirements - thanks All Pro Bike Shop!"
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    "Best bicycle shop in Simi Valley hands down. Gina takes very good care of me and the repairs and tune ups on my bike are done with the best care and always come out right the first time. If I ever need anything or have a question, Gina and the staff are there to answer it for me. They have never steered me wrong with any of their advice and have earned my respect and my business."
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    Bob M.

    "If you need a rim built Dave is a great wheel Builder......I have 3 rims built by him. My front has lasted 8 years (keeping hubs and rim - switching bike frames) my rear is 6 years old .......With another wheel builder I blew out a back rim in 4 months.... I weigh 220 with gear and do DH with drops...Since the rims hold up to my abuse - I am sure they will be great for you."
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    Karl M.

    "Very helpful and knowledge - for over 15 years they have never let me down."
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    Tim T.

    "This is an excellent bike shop. David is a fantastic mechanic. Highly recommend."
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    Ken A.

    "I live in Santa Clarita and decided this year I would be buying a mountain bike to add to my fitness routine. I began shopping around in Santa Clarita, the SFV, and eventually made my way to Simi Valley. I am a pretty extensive researcher, both online and off. Long story short, after test riding multiple bikes and comparing components, pricing, overall shopping experience etc. All Pro was and is the clear winner. I'm very happy with my purchase and am super pleased with the staff. Madison helped me extensively!! These people are professionals and make you feel very comfortable with no pressure. As an awesome bonus, if you buy your bike from them they will service it for life!!! Amazing. Thanks again."
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    Jonathan O.

    "We had a fantastic sales experience looking for a beach cruiser last week. The sales rep was patient and not pushy. Selection was very good, this was the biggest shop we visited as we checked out bike stores in Simi. We are very satisfied with our purchase and experience."
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    Dave C.

    "Dave is a master mechanic who can, and will, fix anything. I have seen Calfees, Specialized, Pinarellos, etc. in Dave's bay. Maybe he's not this super chatty guy, but like a surgeon, I don't care how nice you are, as long as you're good with fixing what's broken. Another medical metaphor, Gina and the other staff are like the nurses. In my opinion, All Pro is one of the best bike shops in LA."
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    Evelyn E.

    "My husband and I went in a couple of weeks ago to get a full tune up on our bicycles. They had been sitting outside for about 2 years. The staff were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I wanted to get the full tune up/clean up and the gentlemen tried to down sell me - that was a huge shock because most places try to upsell you so I appreciate them trying to do what was best for me not for them. I ended up getting the full tune up/ clean up and our bikes were amazing looking. We left our bikes there a little longer than expected because we were out of town. When we went to pick them up the staff was extremely friendly. Hands down best bicycle shop. I HIGHLY recommend coming here."
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    MIchael J.

    "I give All Pro five stars because the owners Gina & Dave are down to earth, unpretentious folks who actually listen to the customers and set them up on the appropriate equipment. Service is very good and reasonably priced. I was a professional cyclist, so I have high standards, and I have always been pleased with the work that has been done to my bicycles. These folks are good people who will actually give you enough time to help you make the right decisions before spending your hard-earned money. In 15 years of doing business with them, I have never seen them do a "hard sell" to a customer. If you're looking for a relaxed environment and good information tailored specifically to you, this is a great place to shop."
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    "VIP service all the way! I was ready to transition from a hybrid bike to a road bike, and I had been to just about every bike shop in Simi as well as shops in Moorpark and Newbury park. It's hard to believe in retrospect, but Gina at All Pro Bikes was the only one who actually took the time to fit me for a bike! She went over the different features and purposes of the different bikes and really helped me narrow down the choices for the best bike for me. Everyone at the shop is great. I love my bike and I love All Pro Bikes! Thank you Gina and Maddie."
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    Mark R.

    "Kudos to All Pro!! Bought a 2016 Trek Fuel EX8 from them yesterday and Madison was EXTREMELY knowledgeable, patient and helpful. She took the time to fit me to the bike and set up the suspension for me just for a test ride in the parking lot not even knowing I was gonna buy it yet. Most places would just toss one at ya and tell you to ride it. She took the time to explain all the little nuances and differences between my current bike and the new one. These folks are not lacking in the product knowledge department. I could not be more pleased with this bike! It's a billy goat on the climbs. And their service dept is spot on!! Thanks again Madison, David and Gina. See you guys on the trail."
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    Christy B.

    "We bought a really cool bike here! This is the third time we purchased a bike from here. This round we purchased a bike, name brand is called Stolen. My Son picked out the Mustard and Black color. Madison was a GEM! Very knowledgable and helpful. We asked Madison many questions about all different brands and helmets. Truly enjoyed the experience. The price was in the fair range. We will definitely continue to go back as our Son continues to grow!"
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    Rachelle B.

    "I walked in last week knowing nada about road bikes and the sport. After being sized properly and talking to Gina (one of the owners) I realized just how much there was to know! I'm beyond happy I had Gina and her crew to go to, as they are all extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I didn't feel pressured into anything and they didn't try to up-sell me. They focus on you and your concerns and take as much time as you need to go over things. You kind of feel like family after just one visit."
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    Sarah S.

    "I ended up buying my first road bike from them and I'm looking forward to taking Gina up on her offer to ride together one morning to become more familiarized with the sport itself. The prices seem fair and you can't beat the lifetime of free tuneups with purchase! I love supporting local businesses, especially when the customer service is this fabulous. Because that, friends, is such a rare thing these days."
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    Mista L.

    "All Pro Bicycles deserves much more than a 5 star rating! Gina is absolutely amazing! My wife and I did a little research online before we began our quest for new beach cruisers. Everything we read about All Pro Bikes was extremely positive so we decided to pay them a visit. Gina was very patient while we looked around and asked a million questions. She NEVER tried to "up-sell" us, which is almost unheard of in today's business world."
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    Lisa J.

    "We have been coming to Gina and Dave at All Pro for years. Best customer service in town. Whether we are dropping by to pick up parts or need help maintaining our existing bikes we feel like we're walking into the set of Cheers - because everybody knows our name-you can't say that about many businesses anymore."
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    Susan D.

    "This is the place to go! Gina, Dave and the whole staff know bikes and are very reasonably priced. Always friendly and take the time to answer your questions! Wide variety of merchandise, hydration powers and fuel gels and bikes of course."
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    Jeff B.

    "I like this place a lot. Prices are fair, and their interst is obviously focused on me and my needs. Plus, they're friendly to boot. Thank you, All-Pro Bicycle Shop."
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    Mark C.

    "I recently purchased two Trek dual sport bikes from All Pro Bicycle shop and I was very impressed with the entire operation and Madison was so helpful. The pricing was better than a Thousand Oaks shop (near my work) and I'm so glad I decided to order the bikes from All Pro. I will definitely continue to support (and recommend) them in the future."


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